First Annual Vegas VegFest


Hi, kats + kittens!  Saturday was Las Vegas’ First Annual VegFest.  Moe, Carly and I arrived early, from San Diego, at 10:15am to get in line for the swag bag (DEDICATION!).  Rain was in the forecast for that day, so I was geared up in rain boots + a duster jacket.  Not exactly waterproof, but gets the job done!  The weather started off nicely with the lot drying up…A little too nicely and my toes were starting to sweat.  Soon enough, the dark clouds reared there lovely heads over Clark County Amphitheater + sprinkles turned into a healthy pour.  Moe pulled out his Callaway Golf umbrella, which easily cover the three of us.  WOOOOT!

As Paul Shapiro (Vice President of Farm Animal Protection, Humane Society) was speaking, it started to hail.  We were so enthralled by it, cameras + phones were recording the craziness.  That didn’t last for long.  The flood gates of hail mixed with the increasing rain = PANDEMONIUM!  But weather like that couldn’t stop people from getting back in line 20 minutes later, including us.  I wish I had more photos, but I severely sprained both of my wrists, bruised and strained muscles in my hands.  Here’s what I was able to muster up via mobile device!

The strategy is to get multiple people at different vendor booths and meet up to NOM on your victories! LET’S GO!

VV Breakfast Burrito

Violette’s VeganWe pick up a sample of the Breakfast Burrito + good golly was it tasty!


GFY Spicy Black Bean Burger

I officially LOVE GFY Burgers + Fries!  I believe that they are currently serving at the farmer’s market.  The joy on my face to see Chef Myra again was borderline NERDED-OUT.  Moe and I shared the All American Burger (first) and Carly got the Spicy Black Bean Burger (second).  I’m drooling now…MOVING ON!


Bite Vegan Bakery + their brilliant bits!  Cookie pie, chocolate cake, almond + cookie dough bites.  We must have more!

Vegan AF

Vegetaryn‘s collab with Vegan Fat Kid spawned this cheeky vegan shirt.  Probably the most graphic on I own!

Moe + Me

 More Vegas food adventures coming up, sweet peas!  Time to rest my poor hands!

Gloves + kisses,

Katie Lee

P.S. If you’ve gone to Vegas VegFest too, please let me know!

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