Hiya, hepcats. The name’s Katie and I was born and raised in San Diego, California. I’ve lived here most of my life, with a few years under my belt in Orange County and South Bay Los Angeles. To say that I’m extremely SHY is a great understatement; it’s one of the reasons I started blogging years ago. Expressing myself though written words, taking photos, creating plant-based recipes and non-alcoholic beverages, crafty things…It was all wonderful. Goodness me, I even started a YouTube channel! But I lost motivation and creativity due to a plethora of things. I’ve been more off than on the last few years. Did I experience and learn a lot? YESSUM. This practically middle-aged dame still has some growing to do and I’m really glad that I kept this website.


1. I am my pop’s self-proclaimed son for as long as I can remember; he has FOUR daughters! Working on cars, playing catch and the weekly trips to The Home Depot and the used section at swap meets were the BEST!

2. I’m a sucker for flapjacks, waffles and doughnuts along side a nice cuppa. And by that, I meant tea, but I’ve dabbling with the whole coffee thing. I find the process, education, etc. very fascinating, but I still don’t really love the taste of it…I’m an enigma.

2. My site’s title is a take on the book “The Great Gatsby.” I started one for free in 2011 –same name. It was more of a journal and has since been private. Now, I have to shell out money every year.

3. I was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2007 and began my plant-based nomming in 2008.


5. Whenever someone compliments me, I turn into a tomato-faced bunny with my head in a hole, under a pillow or behind something/someone. Learning to just say, “Thank you,” instead of hiding will be a life-long journey.

6. I pick up languages pretty fast, but Tagalog -my parent’s native language- has eluded me…even though I aced two semesters in college. MERP.

7. I love visiting places around the world, but get carsick and don’t do well on planes. I know. DOUBLE MERP.

8. I believe a dish can never be “too garlicky.” This includes waffles, doughnuts and flapjacks. If you can’t eat garlic with me, I’ll have to reassess our friendship….I kid…But not really…But really.

9. At the age of five, I discovered my love for wrestling. Macho Man Randy Savage is my favourite. I was lucky enough to see him at my first live event when I was eight. I crafted a fine championship belt out of three pieces of copy paper and tape. MMMHHHMMM.

10. Compassion is my greatest strength…Well, outside of (again) scarfing down doughnuts, flapjacks or waffles.

So now, I’m back blogging again for the third time. I want to share bits of me and my love for food, vintage and vintage-inspired things, traveling, my past/present/future misadventures and fun things. But I also think it’s important to tap into my experiences with endometriosis and mental health because they are a part of my everyday life. I’ve connected with some of you because of them. This won’t be an advice column, however, it will be an honest platform for those topics.

I hope this blog with give you a look at the world through my dweebster-eyes and a safe place to be absolute dorks.

Gloves + kisses,

Katie Lee